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Servo and LCD 2x16 With this example you will display the angle of a servo into a LCD 2x16. It uses the Servo, servo. h, library to control the servo and the Liquidcrystal,.


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Open-source electronic prototyping platform enabling users to create interactive electronic objects


Arduino Light Control using 1Sheeld with IoT

In this tutorial, you will learn how to control a nixie tube with an Arduino. Nixie tubes were the only way to display numbers back in the 50s, before VFD and seven segments displays

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Dimmer Library for Arduino This is an Arduino software library to control AC loads using triacs and a zero cross detector circuit. The library methods can be used to control the AC load power for multiple triacs independently, using a single shared zero-cross circuit

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Arduino Web Interface - IO Control This is a quick demonstration of an Arduino hosting a webpage with controls on it that can be used to turn the IO on and off

ESP32 Pico Kit GPIO control and DHT22

How to control Arduino with your mobile phone. Hey there, I found a simple and comfortable way how to control my Arduino with mobile phone. Base of this project is Arduino Uno with WIFI shield and some WIFI access point to get a possibility to control.

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Dimmer Library for Arduino — Dimmer 1. 0

Introduction This tutorial is an open source arduino project that teaches how to control Stepper motor using potentiometer i am going to use LCD 16,2 with i2 backpack to display the volume speed of.

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How to manipulate whole ports with Arduino Arduino port manipulation is the “close to the metal” way of reading and writing bit. In this tutorial we take a look at how it’s done

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FM radio with android remote control. FM radio with SI4703 and Arduino. Android app as remote control bluetooth controlled

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Small microcomputers like the Arduino were a real game-changer for enthusiasts, as these are much more affordable and easy to use than standard microprocessor development boards. In this article, we’ll look at how to hook up a Bluetooth module to an Arduino and then control and monitor it from a simple Android application built with Flutter

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The app is called Windows Remote Arduino Experience First download the library Firmata contain sketches necessary Now we open our Arduino IDE and move on to examples from the File tab and select the folder called Firmata and select StandardFirmata Select your.


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In this chapter, we will learn some advanced Input and Output Functions. Do not use anything less than 0V or more than 5V for external reference voltage on the AREF pin. If you are using an external reference on the AREF pin, you must set the analog reference to EXTERNAL before calling the


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In control systems, a controller corrects the output of a particular system to a desired input in the presence of errors and disturbances. The most popular type of controller is PID which is an acronym for Proportional, Integral and Derivative. In this Arduino PID control tutorial, I will show you how you can employ such a controller in your

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In this tutorial we will learn how to use MQTT protocol with ESP8266 and Arduino IDE. We will control an LED using a Mobile App via CloudMQTT MQTT Broker

Using IoT to Remotely Control a Robotic Arm

A library for the MAX7219 and the MAX7221 Led display drivers

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Это практическое руководство для тех, кто делает первые шаги в робототехнике на платформе Arduino. С этой книгой вы разберетесь в основах электроники, научитесь программировать в среде Arduino.